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Check If Your Email Is Hacked ||2020
Check If Your Email Is Hacked ||2020

This Guide Will Help U If Your Email And Pswd Leaked Or Hacked..

Steps :-
Step 1 – Go To
Step 2 – In The Mail Section, Put Your Email.. Then Click “Pwned”

Important – If U Get A Red warning, Thts Means Your Email Has Already Hacked/Leaked..
If U Got Green Warning, That’s Means Your Email Still Private And Not Leaked/Hacked

How To Fix Leaking Of Email:-

  1. Enable Two Steps Verification(Recommended)
  2. If Find Your Mail Leaked, Go Directly Chng Pswd From Showed Websites
  3. Always Use Strong Password.. And Always Use Different Pswd On Different Sites..
    These Methods U Can Opt For Being Secure And Never Got Hacked..

Note- Fixing method is more important



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