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Debugging for Novice to Intermediate Developers 2020 (100% OFF)
Debugging for Novice to Intermediate Developers 2020 (100% OFF)


is an essential skill every professional software developer needs to master! Best for computer science students, coding bootcamp grads, or anyone just starting out in the field of software development, this course will teach you:

  • simple yet effective debugging techniques like commenting out code and printing to the console
  • how Eclipse IDE can help you find your bug quickly
  • powerful tools like breakpoints and step that show you the internal state of your program while it’s running
  • expert debugging strategies that can be used for any programming language.

This class will help bridge that gap between coding for school and real-life. Take that next step in your software development journey and become a confident debugger!

Who this course is for:

  • New software developers who have learned or are currently learning at least one programming language
  • Anyone who has programmed mostly “for school”
  • Intermediate coders who would like to brush up on their debugging skills

What you’ll Learn:-

  • Describe the importance of debugging
  • Locate bugs using basic debugging techniques
  • Locate bugs using professional debugging techniques (IDE)
  • Describe debugging strategies used by professional software developers
  • Debug sample programs with bugs


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